Exporting the UK

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for UK companies:


- who receive enquiries from overseas but are not sure how to handle them.

- who would like assistance when pre-shipment inspections, required by some overseas destinations, are involved.

- who would like either better air / sea freight costs or who would like to pass on the responsibility of exporting their orders to a UK third party. 



 Business or Shopping


It doesn't matter what it is: so long as it's available in the UK (or Europe), Tellsons should be able to source and offer. 


Whether your company are looking for machinery spares, electrical, automotive, earth-moving, chemicals, food      


you as an individual want something you've seen on a UK website  


Tell Tellsons what you need



for buyers outside the UK:


- who know what they need, and possibly have a UK source in mind, but need assistance getting pricing through to their designated port, airport, address.

- who would like to assemble a variety of items and move as a single consignment, so saving on shipping costs.

- who would like to receive no-obligation quotations to see whether their current sources are charging them competitively.